The first courses, which was held when Simeon Pressel was still alive, used to last six days and they where kept open, so that beginners were taught together with more experienced participants. Gretl Stritzel continued according to this design from year 1981 to 2000.

She gave her courses partly at her own house, partly in France and Spain. Above all she has encouraged her advanced students to pass this special therapy on to others. Many has through her gotten the impulse to give course in their own countries: starting with France and Spain, then from Spain to South America and Portugal, and by other students in Germany, Finland and Poland.

She has always supported her teaching students with interest and has offered advice by letter and phone, so that several of them have been able to build schools of massage. Here should be mentioned the School for Flowing Massage in Berlin (Dorothea Friemel was chosen as successor by Gretl Stritzel), and Instituto Hygiea in Plasencia (with Frauke Elsner and Florencio Herrero, MD). Several teachers in France have today gathered to organize their courses. Erdmuthe and Rainer Werthmann from Kassel have given courses for many years, not least in Finland together with Franziska Wassermeyer. In Offenburg there has today raised a new school through Annette Robert, as a part of Instituto Hygiea. In the newer schools it has showed itself successful to have the education during three years, always a week at a time, three to four times per year.

The massage movement and courses that have developed in this way are built around ”the planets as our teachers” and are carried by a will to serve and strive for an anthroposophic development. However, in detail the approach can be different between the schools, both in the direction of Gretl Stritzel and between the students from Gretl Stritzel and Lies Pressel.