“A dear child has many names” says an old Swedish proverb. While Dr. Pressel still was alive his therapy was simply called “The Massage”. When he was asked to come up with a more defining name, he simply declined. He strongly rejected the name ”Pressel Massage”, it was far too personal for him and it also invited misleading thoughts about the quality of touch (pressing). He disliked the name “Streaming Massage” as much as he disliked names like “Dynamic” or “Rhythmical” Massage since “a massage that does not flow or stream and is not dynamic and rhythmical can not be a real massage. Every name seemed limiting.” Dr. Pressel was not very interested in such formalities, which left the ones taking over the legacy after his death with a big dilemma. Even though the name “The Dr. Simeon Pressel Method of Massage Therapy” is very cumbersome, it is accurate and reflects the views of Dr. Pressel.